Who we are

Vision software specialists

We are Visionists and we work with advanced computer vision software development. It all started with a desire to create a difference by making this field of technology move faster from research to use in the real world. Computer vision is the science of making computers that can see. It is about software that can interpret images and video, and it is used everywhere around us. From self-driving cars to testing your blood and stabilizing the pictures you take with your mobile phone. Computer vision is also an important field in the development of artificial intelligence (AI), where neural networks are used to tackle old and new challenges in new ways. We see the greatness and the risks with this technology and are dedicated to responsible handling of the power machine learning holds.

We envision a world where vision technology can help us see and understand our reality. We believe that information supports wise decision making, strengthens communication, saves lives and enables the transition to a sustainable world in balance.

We see that vision technology through collaborations can bring both business and society forward. Do you agree?